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The $20 Annual Supporting Contribution (ASC) per year covers not just the production of the Conservationist (8 issues), but also helps in sending it to many of our local tackle shops, newspapers, other TU chapters, DNR offices, and others. The remaining portion is also used to pay for the meeting room rentals and other chapter administrative expenses. Full-time students are not expected to make an ASC, if we have their expected graduation date. Please complete and return this form with your check for the coming season. The Conservationist distribution is only available electronically.



City, State, Zip:_______________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________

Full-time Students expected graduation date:_______________________

The current issue of The Conservationist is provided electronically to all chapter members with a valid email address. Any non-members who are current with their Annual Supporting Contribution (ASC) may also receive the current issue electronically. The current Conservationist will arrive as a PDF attachment to a message emailed to you at your email address in our master membership list. This is the email address supplied to us when you joined PPCTU, requested electronic delivery, or when you paid your ASC. If you do not receive the Conservationist or you wish to change your email for delivery, please email membership.pptu@gmail.com with your prefered email address and your full name so that the data base can be changed. The PPTU.ORG web site will also post the current issue when it is published.
My email address for this delivery is as follows (please print clearly): _______________________________

Mail to: Potomac – Patuxent Chapter TU, P.O. Box 2865, Wheaton, MD 20915

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