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When you join Trout Unlimited, you are assigned to a chapter based on your zip code unless you specifically request membership in the Potomac-Patuxent (PPCTU) Chapter No. 236. Not a member of Trout Unlimited? Please go to JOIN TU NATIONAL. You may also join Trout Unlimited and become a PPCTU member by completing an application form at one of our chapter meetings.

PPCTU Benefits:

Introductory Welcome Email for new members, containing:

Monthly Meeting with Guest Speakers:

Chapter Publication (The Conservationist):

PPCTU Forum:

PPTU Library:

Participate in Conservation Projects, including:

Join other members in group Outings -- a great way to discover where to fish and other tips.

Use our Mentor Program to learn from experienced anglers.

Enroll in fly-tying & fly rod building classes.

About our Annual Supporting Contribution (ASC)

As a Chapter we are not allowed to assess dues or fees for membership. Along with other fund raising events, we therefore ask for a $20 Annual Supporting Contribution (ASC) each September, to sustain the chapter's administration costs, educational programs, and community service projects including:

I'm hooked -- how do I join?

It’s simple … By paying your annual Trout Unlimited dues, you are automatically a member of Potomac Patuxent Chapter No. 236 if identified by zip code or by your request. With your membership, you will receive the Conservationist via email if you have provided us with a valid email address. The Annual Supporting Contribution (ASC) is voluntary. Your tax deductible ACS helps this Chapter to maintain many activities, which in turn adds value to your trout fishing experience. There are three ways to make your ASC:

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