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Ken Bowyer provides one on one stream side fly fishing instruction to PPTU members. Participants must show commitment by having waders or hippers, a rod and reel outfit, and leader. Discussions will include equipment, knots, casting, flies, dry fly and nymphing techniques, entomology, reading water, conservation, etc. at nearby streams. Instruction will be tailored to individual needs. Members who have not made an Annual Supporting Contribution will be asked to contribute $20.

Contact Ken at 301-627-7154 or e-mail kenbowyer@verizon.net.

2015 - 2016 Mentor Program Report

In 2015 and 2016, 7 members listed in the table below were tutored at the Little Patuxent, Morgan Run, Big Hunting Creek, or the Gunpowder. First timers received a current issue of the Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide (or a copy of the Maryland section) and a 4 page summary on entomology. This introductory material provided the newcomer with an idea of what flies to use at any given time and general information on identifying insect types. Knot tying was discussed showing two basic knots; the surgeons knot (and surgeons loop) for tying or connecting tippet to leader and leader to line and the improved clinch knot for tying flies to tippet. Different types of leader (the standard 7.5´ 3x nylon tapered leader as described by Jay Sheppard in A Simple Trout Leader System, the Orvis braided leader, the Furled Leader, and the Airflo PolyLeader) were discussed to show them alternative setups. For those with their leader connected to the fly line with a nail knot or to a nylon butt section with a loop, the Cortland braided loop was shown as an alternative for line to leader loop to loop connections. Tippet size was also briefly discussed using the general rule of hook size divided by 3. Thus, 4x tippet is used with size 12 flies while 6x tippet is used with size 18 flies. A brief time was spent on the stream turning over rocks to show some insect life in its early stages. For those with no casting experience, basic casting techniques were shown. On the stream, casting variations including the sidearm cast and the roll cast were demonstrated to avoid overhanging trees and brush behind you. Basic short line nymphing techniques with a strike indicator and/or dry fly fishing techniques were demonstrated. Line mending was demonstrated to insure drag free fly presentation. A combination rig was also demonstrated and/or discussed using a dry fly such as an elk hair caddis or royal wulff along with a bead head nymph. The bead head nymph is attached as a dropper fly on about an 18" to 24" piece of tippet tied to the bend of the dry fly hook using the improved clinch knot. With this setup, the dry fly acts as a strike indicator to detect when a fish takes the bead head nymph. Two dry flies, two nymphs, and a streamer with a dropper nymph combination were also mentioned along with the advantages and disadvantages of these combination rigs.

Fish Landed
Fish On
Insects Observed
Shawn Thomas
Big Hunting Creek
A Few brown stoneflies
Shawn Thomas
Little Patuxent
Some midges
George Opryszko
Jill Dorosz
Morgan Run
George Opryszko
Big Hunting Creek
Tom Brosnan
Morgan Run
Few bugs - sun fish caught
Lisa Peacock
Morgan Run
Tom Brosnan
Couple of sulphurs, ants
George Opryszko
Morgan Run
Few bugs, ants
Brian Cohen
Few bugs, ants
Marci LeFevre
Few bugs
Brian Cohen
Big Hunting Creek
Few bugs

Mentor Program Photo Album

The following photos were taken over the past few years during some of the mentoring sessions.

Jill Dorosz at Morgan Run

George Opryszko at Morgan Run

Shawn Thomas at the Little Patuxent

David Bernstein at Morgan Run

Josh Loh at Morgan Run

Ian Gifford at Big Hunting Creek

Len Carey at Morgan Run

Walt Daku at Morgan Run

Randy Dwyer at Morgan Run

Chuq Yang at Morgan Run

Dave Simms at Morgan Run

Barry Veret at Morgan Run

Nicole LeBoeuf at Big Hunting Creek

Sonny Bell at Big Hunting Creek

Karli Lawrence at Morgan Run

Tom Crabill at Morgan Run

Adam Rice at Morgan Run

Cliff Rice at Morgan Run

Large Stonefly at Big Hunting Creek

Yellow Stonefly at Big Hunting Creek

Lou Reichel at Morgan Run

Ron Beloff at Morgan Run

Henderickson? at Morgan Run

Black Caddis at Morgan Run

Rodger Johnson at Morgan Run

Desmond Butler at Morgan Run

Marshal Cowan at Morgan Run

Bernie Werwinski at Morgan Run

Wayne van Rooyen at the Gunpowder

Angelo Rivera at Big Hunting Creek

Barry Hedden at Big Hunting Creek

Alan Burrows at Morgan Run

Bob Kaiser at the Middle Patuxent

Gerald Elgert at Morgan Run

Steve Graves at the PhD Pool on the Savage River

Steve Fletcher at Big Hunting Creek

Steve Shauer at Morgan Run

Mike Doyle at Morgan Run

Charlie Moseley at Morgan Run

Sandy Serafin at Morgan Run

Todd Carver at Morgan Run

Patrick Masler at the Casselman

Jewel Barlow at the Gunpowder

Nick Weber at the Gunpowder

Jerry Gessner at the Gunpowder


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