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On February 26, about 500 rainbows were float stocked in the Middle Patuxent Delayed Harvest section in south Columbia. This section of the Middle Pax is lures and flies only and no kill until June 1 when bait and 2 trout per day are allowed.

About 800 rainbows were also float stocked from Brighton Dam to just below Haviland Mill. The tailwater section is flies only, no kill.

The DNR did stock several buckets in the upper Patuxent at the three main bridges: rt. 94, Hipsley, and Howard Chapel. This is lures and flies only, no kill regulated water.

Watch the excellent video that Ron Brooks made at the PPCTU Stocking of the Middle Patuxent. Thanks Ron for your efforts!

On March 4, DNR provided 2500 browns to us. Most were in the 10-12" range, but a good percentage (10% maybe) were well above that range....some going to maybe 18 or even 20" in one or two cases!! The majority of the bigger fish were in the 14-16" range. All were very plump!! Virtually all of these fish were float stocked away from bridges and other access points. A few escaped while being loaded into our boxes, but 99.5% went into our boxes.

500 brown trout went into the Middle Patuxent Delayed harvest section. That adds to the 500 rainbows that were stocked one week ago today. If you want to fish that section and see trout, walk downstream from Eden Brook/Kindler Road access for at least 1/4 mile, even further will get you into some nicer pools....or look at Google Maps (etc.) and note some of the streets with nearness to the river...like New Grace Mews and Sweet Hour.....both have trails that get you closer to the river on park lands..

NO browns were stocked into the Brighton tailwater. Until that dam gets fixed to provide cold, oxygenated water all summer we are not going to waste these browns on that river section...they will not survive. In contrast, we get 20% holdover rate in a typical summer on the upper Patuxent above the reservoir of our browns--30% in a wet summer, 10% in a dry summer.

2000 browns were stocked from upstream of Annapolis Rock (rt 94) to downstream of Howard Chapel. Also a hundred went into Cabin Branch. If you want to find trout you are going to have to work at it...we FLOAT stock these browns away from the bridges for a reason!! ...so local poachers who work the parking lot access points do not put as much of a dent in their numbers. Browns have a fair chance of surviving the summer in the stream. So the further one walks away from Annapolis Rock, Hipsley Mill and Howard Chapel, the better the odds of finding brown trout.....Work, and ye shall be rewarded! (I do not imply you will catch trout--only that you will see them!!)

Watch the excellent video that Ron Brooks made at the PPCTU Stocking of the upper Patuxent. Thanks again Ron for your efforts!

On March 29, crews from PPTU float stocked the Middle Patuxent Delayed Harvest section and the Patuxent tailwater below Brighton Dam. The latter stretch is a flies only, no-kill section. 500 rainbows went into the Middle Pax and 700 into the tailwater. This is the last stocking for both rivers this spring.

A hearty thanks go out to all our stocker volunteers for this year. Those with an asterisk helped on 2 stockings, those with 2 helped on 3 stockings. In alphabetical order:

Shawn Ackley, Phil Ashcraft, Sonny Bell, Eric Bowman*, Ron Brooks**, Alan Burrows*, Lee Canby*, Jim Crowell, Gene Cyprych**, Art D'Amico*, Mike Dugan, Grant Faller, Jed Feffer, Mike Frey, Ian Gifford, Jeff Holland, Bob Kaiser**, Joe Kunsman*, Rob Lang, Marci Lefevre*, Patrick Masler, Joe Robinson, Peter Schuler, Jay Sheppard**, Greg Sholly**, Brian Sirotkin**, and Walt Tingle

Have fun this spring and thanks again to all those who have helped us stock this spring! For up-to-date stocking information throughout the state, go to the Maryland DNR website.

The following photos are from previous years.

Joe Kunsman provided the following photos and footnotes of their crew stocking below Brighton Dam. Thanks Joe.

First the good news - at least six deadfall are gone!

Open flow, piece of cake

Now the bad news - the mother of all dead falls is still there. Looks like the climax scene from Les Mis!

Our leadership makes the assault

Leadership overcomes, ready to plant the French flag and declare victory

Yea, the last storm was a big one

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