March 2023 Yellow Creek

PPTU Outing Report:  Yellow Creek, PA
When: March 4, 2023 
The fishing outing to Yellow Creek was the best outing every!

That’s what I would like to say. But Yellow Creek did not fish well, the condition of the water was very fast and very off colored, it may even be called muddy. There was heavy rain the day before but I was hoping the spring creek influenced creek would be fine. I was wrong. 

One good thing was there was very little wind as per local weather reports. Most likely due to the creek being in a canyon and lined with forest trees. It was overcast with some slight sleeting which is perfect winter fishing. The temperature was not bad, in the low 40’s.

We did attempt to fish near the banks of the creek with typical nymphs, Bob’s Don Juan worm, Sexy Walt’s worm, and wooly buggers.  Not much activity.

Another good thing is the trip to Yellow Creek goes thru some very beautiful PA country side. Rt 26, north of Everett, follows a mountain ridge with valleys of picturesque farm land. The sides of mountains had a dusting of snow that would shine bright when the sun’s rays broke thru some hole in the clouds.

After a few hours we left for a great late lunch at the Kounty Kitchen. And then left for home.

The next outing, March 25, 2023, is at the upper Patuxent River (Pax) and a gathering afterwards at Waredaca Brewery for friendship, trout stories, food and spirits. The upper Pax should be stocked and active with hungry Brown and Rainbow trout.


Outings Coordinator
Lou Reichel
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