Lou Reichel is our Outings’ Chairperson for PPTU. Periodically, photos and descriptions of the monthly outings will be posted to this section of the web site and to our monthly publication, The Conservationist. If you plan to attend an outing, please send an email to Lou at the email address below.

For more information on these outings, please contact Lou Reichel at: outings@pptu.org or 410-730-5150.

2017 - 2018 Outings Schedule

Big Spring - Newville, PA October Caddis# November, 2018
Guided Steelhead Trip- Eire, PA + November 9-11, 2018
Savage River, Monroe Pavilion Camp Out October 5-8, 2018
One Fly Constest, Gunpowder September 8, 2018
White Fly Hatch, Yellow Breeches - Boiling Springs, PA# August, 2018
PPTU/MayFly Project Fundraiser - Rockville, MD June 24, 2018
Yellow Creek - Hope, PA# Canceled
Catskills - Roscoe, NY@ May 31 to June 3, 2018
Casting Rendezvous, Williamsport, MD May 5, 2018
Casselman - Grantsville, MD Sat & Sun April 28-29, 2018
Beaver Creek - near Hagerstown, MD Canceled
Fly Fishing 101 Class - Laurel, MD March 18, 2018
Yellow Breeches - Boiling Springs, PA# February 17, 2018
Big Spring - Newville, PA# Canceled
Craft Beer Holiday Fundraiser December 14, 2017
Big Hunting Creek - Thurmont, MD November, 2017
Savage River, Monroe Pavilion Camp Out October 6-9, 2017
One Fly Contest, Gunpowder September 16, 2017
Clays to Save the Bay August 27, 2017
White Fly Hatch, Yellow Breeches - Boiling Springs, PA# August 2017
Savage River, Monroe Pavilion Camp Out May 19-21, 2017
Potomac Shad Outing, DC! April 30, 2017
Patuxent River March 25, 2017
Big Hunting Creek - Thurmont, MD Cancelled
Big Spring - Newville, PA# January 15, 2017
* All dates subject to change and dates may be added or deleted due to weather
+ Requires Non-resident PA License and Lake Erie Permit or Combo Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit
# Requires Non-resident one day PA License or Non-Resident PA License and Trout-Salmon Permit or Combo Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit
& Fish Free Days; No License Required
@ NY License Required
! DC License Required

Valid New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia Licenses with Trout Stamps are required for out-of-state trips. (The cost of a seven day non-resident New York freshwater fishing license is $28.00.  The cost of a non-resident one day Pennsylvania license and stamp is $26.70. The cost of a non-resident Pennsylvania license and combo Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit is $68.40. The cost of a non-resident Virginia five consecutive day license is $21.00. You do not need an additional $47.00 Non-resident Trout License to fish the Rapidan River in Virginia.)

Remember, your feedback and participation are needed in order to make our outings’ program a success


August 2018 White Fly Hatch on the Yellow Breeches

The August outing will be in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania on the Yellow breeches. The specific date will be announced via the PPCTU Forum. This is the famous White Fly (Ephron Leukon) that comes off just at dusk and into the darkness. This is a world famous and classic Eastern hatch that draws fishermen from all over the country, the world even.

This is usually a very pleasant outing weather wise, the heat dying down late afternoon into early evening just about the time the big brown Hexegenia Mayflies start to appear, around 7 pm usually. These are large #8 chocolate brown mayflies, and hordes of them will sometimes gather overhead at dusk rising and falling in their mating dance; their two tails and wings plainly silhouetted against a pale evening sky. They emerge off the water flying fast and low and can resemble small birds at first glance. Sometimes the fish are on them other times they are ignored. Have a couple flies just in case.

Just before dark you'll see the first of the white flies, a few at first, one here, one there, then pairs and groups to eventually just pouring off the surface in waves. You will be amazed at how many fish you had around you you didn't know were there! Bring emerger, Dun, and spinner patterns. The fish will switch to spinners at dark mostly ignoring the duns they were just moments before gobbling with gusto. You can tell by the different sound and rise forms when they switch.

We usually try to get a spot staked out before 4:30 pm, and we may have to spread out along the Catch & Release section. You need a PA license and trout stamp to fish this stream. Get the Combo Trout & Salmon if you think there is a chance you will be going for steelhead in the Fall. You'll also need a headlamp to change flies and find your way back to your car when we quit.

I suggest we meet at the Run at 4:00 pm. We will park there and hike downstream to fish (please note you can no longer park at the Allenberry for this outing). I've included a map of the catch and release section of the Yellow Breeches. To get to Boiling Springs take Interstate 270 or 70 to Frederick, then US 15 North to Dillsburg Pa. At the northern edge of Dillsburg turn left on Rt. 74 west and drive several miles till it intersects with Rt. 174, turn left and proceed to Boiling Springs, and turn left on Bucher Hill Rd. At the bottom of the hill, turn left into the parking lot at the Run. It is roughly 106 miles from Columbia MD.

Lou Reichel
Outings Coordinator
443-745-0313 (cell)

September 8, 2018 Gunpowder One Fly Contest

Outing - PPTU One Fly Contest
Where - Gunpowder Falls, meet at Masemore parking area for official registration of your fly
When - September 8, 2018, Saturday @ 7:30 am - 12:00 noon.
Special item needed- Measuring devise in inches (tape measure or marks on rod or net or hand)

The PPTU One Fly Contest will be held on September 8, 2018, Saturday, on the Gunpowder Falls, Baltimore county, MD, from 7:30 am to 12 noon. Meet at Masemore Rd parking area for registration of your fly. Once the fly is registered, you're off to your favorite spot.

Rules: Only one fly can be fished. If you lose that fly (for examples on tree, rock, it breaks off on large trout, or it drops into water while tying onto tippet), then you are finished with the contest. However you may continue to fish with any non-official fly.
The winner will be judged with the most total inches of trout. So 20 trout of 1 inch will beat 1 trout of 18 inches. This is a Catch & Release outing.

There are no assigned sections or beats. Any section of the Gunpowder may be fished. There are no judges on the beats (or are there), so we are using the PPTU honor system. Photos of your fly and trout caught, but not needed to win, will be helpful for the contest and the official one fly contest report.

You must report back to Masemore Rd parking lot to register your total inches of trout and present fly to the Outings Coordinator by 12:02 pm. Contest cocludes at 12:02 pm. Final contest results will be judged and finalized by the Outings Coordinator.

One Fly Winner Prize. First Place Winner gets the title of "2018 PPTU One Fly Contest Winner" and your name printed in The Conservationist and PPTU website with full bragging rights forever. Second and third place winners will also be reported. PPTU Board is considering, but no guarantees, of asking One Fly Contest winner to participate in support of other group's fly contests in the future that PPTU is sponsoring.

Afterwards we can all meet at Casa Mia's for lunch and listening to great fishing stories. (Rt 45, York Rd, just N of Bunker Hill Rd and the high school).


From Baltimore Beltway: Take I83 North to the Hereford Exit, that's about 13 miles I think. At the top of the ramp turn left, go approx 1 mile and turn right onto Masemore road. Follow the road down to the river, the parking area will be evident next and just before the iron bridge. Be careful going around the stone house on the corner that practically sits on the road; It's one lane and traffic uses it coming from both directions.

To sign up, email Lou at outings@pptu.org.

Lou Reichel


Savage River, Monroe Pavilion Camp Out, October 5-8, 2018

The October Outing and Campout in Western Maryland will be on October 5-8, 2018, to fish the wonderful Savage River and any other western Maryland streams.

Savage River

Reservations have been made at Big Run Sate Park, at the Monroe Pavilion shelter, from Friday evening till Monday noon for group tent camping that allows up to 25 people. All this for just $180 split however many ways we have participants. The shelter has a fireplace (bring our own wood), picnic tables, and a place to gather after the days fishing to cook, make coffee, swap stories, and if it rains we have something to get in under. Dry campsite, has no running water, no fresh water at Big Run SP so you must bring your own water. Last year there was electricity in the shelter, however, never know about changes.

Over the past years this has been a great experience. Monroe Pavilion in Big Run State Park is accessible to the upper and lower Savage River within a few miles. Other area streams and rivers include the North Branch of the Potomac, the Yock, and the Casselman. This is a good time to explore the whole region with other fly fisherman, and find those brook trout in the upper Savage in some secluded run.

We will cook on the charcoal grill (charcoal provided with cooking utensils) the first night, so bring your favorite grilling food. Generally we have some other group chili or stew the next day but this has not yet been verified. Will keep you updated on this. If anyone can provide a special group dinner, please let Lou know. So bring food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are places to eat near Grantsville, MD and Keyser, WV

For those not interested in camping, there is lodging available in Keyser, WV or Grantsville, MD. In addition, there are cabins in nearby New Germany State Park. The park at least has running water with bathrooms and showers. Come by and join everyone in the evening for fishing reports around the campfire.

Take into consideration when packing gear this is October in the mountains. There can be a good frost at night and be quite warm by afternoon. Tents may be set up in the Pavilion, so bring some type of air mattress for the hard stone floor. Bring food for yourselves and anything that you would like to share. Any new participants that plan on camping may contact Lou Reichel for assistance. Lou will have a camp stove if someone needs to cook and extra water.

Directions to Monroe Pavilion from Baltimore:
Take I70 West. At Hancock interstate I70 splits into I68 and I70. Bear left onto I68. Proceed on I68 through Cumberland, just before Grantsville, take Exit 22, turn south (left) and follow to New Germany Road. Turn left and follow New Germany Road past New Germany State Park and proceed on to Big Run Road (small road, be prepared). Turn left on Big Run Road and proceed to Park entrance. Monroe Pavilion will be on your right, a short distance before road ends, just past the sign for Monroe Run Trail and bathrooms. Afterwards, follow Big Run Rd, shortly after Monroe Pavilion to Savage Rd, turn right onto Savage Rd, and follow to your favorite fishing area on Savage River, especially below dam.

Items Needed:
Tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, lantern, food (breakfast, lunch, grill cookout), water, and toiletries, basically everything needed to sustain you for a weekend. There are basic bathrooms with no running water. We can use showers at New Germany State Park. I do ask for people to bring firewood for the campfire.

Flies that have worked are Caddis, Mayflies, Midges, Griffiths, BWO's, Adams Parachutes, Blue Quill, Slate Drake, Simple 3-Hackle, Wet flies; heck, just bring everything! Last year the fly of choice was a yellow, tan foam dry caddis. Bring the hot spot pheasant tail, this yeas 1-Fly Contest winner.

Please contact Lou Reichel if you plan on attending in order to get an idea who and how many people will be there.

Thanks. See you there!

P.S., We have had men and women, husbands and wives, set-up tents at the campsite.

Lou Reichel
Outings Coordinator
443-745-0313 (cell)

PPTU-CWA Steelhead Outing, Erie, PA November 9-11, 2018

Guided steelhead fishing in Erie PA tributaries. Fishing will be on public and/or private water. Arrive Friday evening at lodge and fish all day Saturday and Sunday until 3:30pm. Leave Sunday or stay overnight for an additional cost. Lodging is at Liars Den in East Springfield, PA. Lodging provides shared rooms for up to 4 people each. We need 6 people for this trip. Can accomodate 8.

Guide service provided by Steelhead Alley Outfitters. They have been leading local TU chapters on successful steelhead trips for several years.

Trip includes the following:

Skill level: You should have fly fishing experience and be able to wade.

Cost: $575, non-refundable. Deposit $75 to hold your place is due immediately with full payment due Oct 1, 2018. We will return your payment, if we fill your spot. In case of weather problems, trip will be rescheduled after consulting with SAO guides.

Not included:

For more information or sign up: Contact Rachel Dagovitz, racheldagovitz@hotmail.com


Catskills Outing Report

Where: Catskills - Roscoe, NY

When: May 31 - June 3, 2018

Stayed: Rockland House Motel

Participants: Bob Dietz, Lou Reichel, Bob and Priscilla O'Donnell


Even after reading rainy weather and high stream flows the trip weather was excellent. The weather ranged from slight drizzle for a few minutes to overcast skies to sunny blue skies. The stream flows were just right. For those who cancelled missed out on a great trip. Everyone caught trout. Had good hatches of large March Browns, some Sulfurs and Cahills and Brown Caddis at night. Fished the Beaverkill and mostly the Willowemoc. This area is known as the Birthplace of American Dry Fly Fishing and where the fly fishing founders like Theodore Gordon and others fished. It's a trip that should be repeated in the future.

Daily Report

Leaving Maryland around 6:00am and arrived to Roscoe NY around 12:30 pm. Stopped in Beaverkill Anglers for fishing reports and bought some March Brown emergers and dry flies in size 12-10. Started fishing on the Willowenoc near the Power lines, below the Fly Fishing Museum. Priscilla O'Donnell started us off with a hook up in the first 2 minutes and shortly afterwards Bob O'Donnell had a catch. March Browns were rising. Bob Dietz, using multiple soft hackles (March Brown, light Cahill and Partridge and orange soft hackles) caught 4-5 brown trout and brookies. Near dusk we went to the Cairn's Bridge hole on the Beaverkill. Near dusk there was a large brown Caddis hatch. Again, Bob D caught a couple brown trout.

On Friday, met Josh Loh, former member of PPTU who now lives in NY, showed us his secrete spot on the North Branch of Callicoon. Priscilla again started us off with a hookup. Lou finally caught 3 browns. The largest was caught on a March Brown dry fly (#10) in the back and shallow part of a pool. Latter we went back to Willowemoc between the Museum and the Power Lines. At dusk revisited Willowemoc near the Power Lines (favored place) and Bob D caught more brookies.

On Saturday we visited the Fly Fishing Museum. Later we fished upper Beaverkill at the Beaverkill Covered Bridge. The stream was crowded. Watched Cedar Waxwing birds fly around and catch March Brown duns in the air. Some March Browns that were attacked by the birds but couldn't hold on to dropped to the water and then watch the trout take the wounded mayfly. Bob D started upstream in the riffles and caught a large brown trout (soft hackles), many of the fishermen that had been previously there were watching this new guy catch trout. Bob D moved closure to the bridge and it was a pleasure to watch Bob D casting 40-60 feet using a double haul to a pool across the stream with rising trout. Within a few minutes Bob D had another trout.

On Sunday it was raining, and some of us were a little stiff from fishing last 3 days, so we decided to leave for home. As we traveled a few miles down the road the day was clearing. When we got back home to Maryland it was raining very hard.

Over all it was a great trip.

Lou Reichel

Outings Coordinator

Trout Town USA
Sunny day on Willowemoc on day thunderstorms predicted. Upstream of Power Lines.
Lou easily distracted and not watching dry fly on North Branch of Callicoon
Typical trout caught by Lou on North Branch Callicoon
Bob O'Donnell trout on Willowemoc
Upstream from Museum bridge on Willowemoc.
Beaverkill Covered Bridge where Theodore Gordon fished. Bob Dietz checking it out.

Outings Photo Album

These first ones are from the November 2008 Erie Steelhead outing

Ken and Bill Goldner

Bill's 30 incher

Bill on a San Juan Worm

Dennis and Ken Monday Morning

The "Pig Pen" at the Trout Run Nursery

George Vincent 20 incher on Olive Woolybugger

Ken With a 17 incher

Joe Robinson

Quitting Time Sunday

Dick Friis


Dennis's 29 incher

Jack Benoit

Dennis with 29 incher

Evening Below Folly's

Bruce Eberle

Nick Weber

Steve Graves


Will recording Ken's fight


Below are some photos from some previous PPTU outings.

Savage River Brookie

Savage River Gold

North Branch 23" Brown

NB 20" Rainbow

Savage River

PPTU Members along NB Potomac 06


Fish Camp Fire

Tim Bowers 20 Incher NB Oct 06

Mike Abramowitz's Big Brown NB Oct 06

Dennis Covert 18" NB Rainbow 06

Tim Bowers 24" NB Brown 06

Fish Camp Fall 06

NB Fall 05 22" Brown

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