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Lou Reichel is our Outings’ Chairperson for PPTU. Periodically, photos and descriptions of the monthly outings will be posted to this section of the web site and to our monthly publication, The Conservationist. If you plan to attend an outing, please send an email to Lou at the email address below.

For more information on these outings, please contact Lou Reichel at: lwreichel@aol.com or 410-730-5150.

2016 - 2017 Outings Schedule

Big Hunting Creek - Thurmont, MD November, 2017
Savage River, Monroe Pavilion Camp Out October 6-9, 2017
One Fly Constest, Gunpowder September 16, 2017
Clays to Save the Bay August 27, 2017
White Fly Hatch, Yellow Breeches - Boiling Springs, PA# August 2017
Savage River, Monroe Pavilion Camp Out May 19-21, 2017
Potomac Shad Outing, DC! April 30, 2017
Patuxent River March 25, 2017
Big Hunting Creek - Thurmont, MD Cancelled
Big Spring - Newville, PA# January 15, 2017
Yellow Breeches - Boiling Springs, PA# December 18, 2016
Steelhead - Salmon River, NY@ November 20-23, 2016
Savage River, Monroe Pavilion Camp Out October 21-23, 2016
One Fly Contest, Gunpowder River September 25, 2016
Clays to Save the Bay September 10, 2016
* All dates subject to change and dates may be added or deleted due to weather
+ Requires Non-resident PA License and Lake Erie Permit or Combo Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit
# Requires Non-resident one day PA License or Non-Resident PA License and Trout-Salmon Permit
& Fish Free Days; No License Required
@ NY License Required
! DC License Required

Valid New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia Licenses with Trout Stamps are required for out-of-state trips. (The cost of a seven day non-resident New York freshwater fishing license is $28.00.  The cost of a non-resident one day Pennsylvania license and stamp is $26.70. The cost of a non-resident Pennsylvania license and combo Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit is $68.40. The cost of a non-resident Virginia five consecutive day license is $21.00. You do not need an additional $47.00 Non-resident Trout License to fish the Rapidan River in Virginia.)

Remember, your feedback and participation are needed in order to make our outings’ program a success


November, 2017 - Big Hunting Creek, Thurmont MD

The next outing is scheduled for November, 2017. Specific details will be announced on the PPCTU Forum.

Initially, we will gather at the Camp Peniel bridge parking.

Directions Below:
From Frederick, MD, take 15 North towards Gettysburg. Proceed for approximately 14 miles to Thurmont. At Thurmont take exit onto Hwy 77. Turn right at bottom of ramp and proceed into Catoctin Mountain Park. The parking lot is on both right and left side of the road at the first bridge that crosses the creek.

Lou Reichel


Western Maryland Campout Oct 6 - 9, 2017

Where: Big Run State Park, Monroe Pavilion

Streams: Lower Savage River, Upper Savage and Runs, North Branch of Potomac (NBP)

The Crew

Participants: Jay Sheppard, Lou Reichel, Greg Sholly, Todd Parks, Randy Dwyer, Shawn Ackley, Tom Brosnan, Ken Bowyer, Mike Abramowitz

Pleased to report that Western Maryland still has beautiful mountains and the trees are changing colors at least 2 weeks before our low land areas. The steel Ark near Frostburg is still not complete and does not look like it will ever float. The flows on the upper Savage and Runs were very low. Flows on Savage and NBP were I thought just right. The air temperatures were a little on the warm side, low 80's., for I was looking forward to cool, brisk temperatures. Savage River is a pocket water stream and does take care to wade and fish. I heard 3 people fell in trying to wade and balance thru the rocks. Lou's Orvis wading boots fell apart (sole separated from boot) plus found a new hole in waders and had soaking wet socks and pant legs. A new tradition was started with Jay's French toast for breakfast and the usual chili and pulled pork for dinner. I was disappointed that there were no ghost stories around the campfire. Jay was able with bird calls to coax a screech owl to the campsite. We did have heavy rain starting on Sunday night, but appeared to be ending on Monday afternoon. Some left on Sunday for work on Monday. For those remaining, on Sunday night the magic blue pill, Aleve, was passed out to fix our sore bodies. By Monday, a rainy morning, the remaining people were weak and had sore bodies and left for home, but only the strong and determined, like Jay and Mike, continued to fish. Overall I had a good time and will go again next year.

Fireplace at Monroe Pavilion

Some Western Maryland Fall Colors

Savage River Pocket Water

I would like to thank Jay for breakfast of old fashion French toast (secrete grandmother's recipe) with New York maple syrup, Todd for great pulled pork on Sat dinner, and Bob and Priscilla O'Donnell for Sunday night chili and Shawn for eggs for breakfast. And great campfire stories from all, but would like some ghost stories next time.

On Friday most people fished either the upper and lower Savage. Ken caught nice 6" brookie down stream from the lower suspension bridge on a daddy long leg (crane fly). Mike caught 4 browns in the PHD pool. Ken found some brookies near the Westernport road, plus a brookie between the 2 suspension bridges. Jay fished the 7x pool and reported lots of rises but managed to get one. Lou tried the One-Fly Contest Winning hot spot pheasant tail but did not get any hits. But got many hits and managed two browns on #18 Adams parachute on lower Savage off one of the pull offs. By late afternoon the tents were put up in the Monroe Pavilion and a few outside. Greg started a great camp fire in the fireplace and was rewarded as the starter of all the camp fires. The Park Police, fully loaded with ammo, stopped by to check on us. He stood there, I didn't hear any speaking, and then he left. For some reason PPTU fisherman seem to bring out the authorities, it has happen last two times.

Jay's Brown from 7x Pool

7x Pool

Todd's Brookie

PhD Pool

Ken showing his rock climbing skills to fetch fly in tree

Lou's 14" Brown

On Saturday morning I was aiming for a good 5:30 am breakfast, but settled on Jay's old fashion French toast by 7:30am. It was great!. On Saturday some fished the upper Runs into Savage and report low water and the brookies were very skittish. Ken did well with a #16 winged black ant and simple 3-hackle at the PHD pool. Shawn fished the pocket water, and heard he fell multi times, above the PHD pool and caught some nice browns on small, dark caddis size 16-18. Tom and Lou fished the upper NBP and landed some rainbows. As per an earlier report by Joe K, the upper trail has been improved, widened, and gravel laid. In the past it felt like it took at least 30 min to get to the upper section, now it seemed like 10-15 min. Jay landed a large 14" brown in the 7x pool with small suspended midge pupa. The evening ended with great pulled pork from Todd and campfire stories. Shawn showed his well arranged fly boxes that made us jealous.

By Sunday some people had to leave early and of course missed out on the best day of fishing. The day was a little overcast and light sprinkle of rain. Tom at the mouth of Crabtree into the Reservoir caught 4 rainbows in the 14-15" range using #16 BWO, #18 Renegade. Jay said this was great BWO hatch weather. Ken did good again with black winged ant, #18/20 BWO parachutes at upper PHD pool and pocket water below pool. Lou managed 3 browns in the PHD pool with anything small and dark, #18 black caddish, small BWO, suspended midge, #20 Adams parachute. He managed a nice 14" brown on #18 Griffins Gnat. Ken went up to the Savage damn and caught few brookies. Ken also fished the pocket water below the PHD pool and caught brookie and brown. Jay headed back to 7x pool with utter determination. Again a Park Ranger checked on us at the Pavilion. At least he talked, checked that our papers were in order, and he left with a smile. That evening was great chili night for supper. We tried to stay up to 10 pm and went to sleep by 9:30pm. As mention we had heavy rain Sunday night.

Mouth of Crabtree Creek

Tom's 14" Rainbow

A Brookie Run (Poplar Lick? Big Run?)

Monday morning was rainy and many of us left for home. The strong and determined Jay and Mike remained to continue fishing. I hope they did well.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the October 2018 outing. We have reserved the Monroe Pavilion for the Columbus Day weekend again next year, checking in Friday, October 5th and checking out Monday October 8th. Hopefully, we will have more conducive water conditions in the Savage River tributaries next year.

Thanks to all that attended. I had a good time. That concludes the outing until next year. Tight lines.

Lou Reichel


Outings Photo Album

These first ones are from the November 2008 Erie Steelhead outing

Ken and Bill Goldner

Bill's 30 incher

Bill on a San Juan Worm

Dennis and Ken Monday Morning

The "Pig Pen" at the Trout Run Nursery

George Vincent 20 incher on Olive Woolybugger

Ken With a 17 incher

Joe Robinson

Quitting Time Sunday

Dick Friis


Dennis's 29 incher

Jack Benoit

Dennis with 29 incher

Evening Below Folly's

Bruce Eberle

Nick Weber

Steve Graves


Will recording Ken's fight


Below are some photos from some previous PPTU outings.

Savage River Brookie

Savage River Gold

North Branch 23" Brown

NB 20" Rainbow

Savage River

PPTU Members along NB Potomac 06


Fish Camp Fire

Tim Bowers 20 Incher NB Oct 06

Mike Abramowitz's Big Brown NB Oct 06

Dennis Covert 18" NB Rainbow 06

Tim Bowers 24" NB Brown 06

Fish Camp Fall 06

NB Fall 05 22" Brown

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