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Lou Reichel is our Outings’ Chairperson for PPTU. Periodically, photos and descriptions of the monthly outings will be posted to this section of the web site and to our monthly publication, The Conservationist. If you plan to attend an outing, please send an email to Lou at the email address below.

For more information on these outings, please contact Lou Reichel at: lwreichel@aol.com or 410-730-5150.

2017 - 2018 Outings Schedule

Catskills - Roscoe, NY@ May 31 to June 3, 2018
Yellow Breeches - Boiling Springs, PA# February, 2018
Big Spring - Newville, PA# January 13, 2018
Craft Beer Holiday Fundraiser December 14, 2017
Big Hunting Creek - Thurmont, MD November, 2017
Savage River, Monroe Pavilion Camp Out October 6-9, 2017
One Fly Constest, Gunpowder September 16, 2017
Clays to Save the Bay August 27, 2017
White Fly Hatch, Yellow Breeches - Boiling Springs, PA# August 2017
Savage River, Monroe Pavilion Camp Out May 19-21, 2017
Potomac Shad Outing, DC! April 30, 2017
Patuxent River March 25, 2017
Big Hunting Creek - Thurmont, MD Cancelled
Big Spring - Newville, PA# January 15, 2017
* All dates subject to change and dates may be added or deleted due to weather
+ Requires Non-resident PA License and Lake Erie Permit or Combo Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit
# Requires Non-resident one day PA License or Non-Resident PA License and Trout-Salmon Permit
& Fish Free Days; No License Required
@ NY License Required
! DC License Required

Valid New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia Licenses with Trout Stamps are required for out-of-state trips. (The cost of a seven day non-resident New York freshwater fishing license is $28.00.  The cost of a non-resident one day Pennsylvania license and stamp is $26.70. The cost of a non-resident Pennsylvania license and combo Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit is $68.40. The cost of a non-resident Virginia five consecutive day license is $21.00. You do not need an additional $47.00 Non-resident Trout License to fish the Rapidan River in Virginia.)

Remember, your feedback and participation are needed in order to make our outings’ program a success


January 13, 2018 - Big Spring Creek near Newville, PA

Greetings PPTU Members,

As we embark on a new year, we are excited to announce our first chapter outing of 2018. Anglers are welcome to join the chapter at Big Spring Creek in Newville, PA. Plan on meeting at "The Ditch" around 10:00 AM or join us for Lunch at the next parking lot at about 1:00 PM. Additional details are available on the PPCTU Forum.

Fly Fishing Guide to Big Springs

Like most spring creeks, Big Springs is not an easy stream to fish. It has lots of large trout but the water is
crystal clear and catching trout takes some special techniques that must be executed correctly. You must stay hidden from the trout; you must use very light leaders and tippet and you must make good presentations.

This is one of the finest limestone streams in the United States. Its upper section is full of beautiful, large brook trout. Unlike the brook trout you find in small mountain streams, these grow large and become very selective in what they eat. You want catch these on an attractor fly by the dozens. You probably want catch one that way. This stream challenges anyone. When you can catch trout from its waters, you are able to catch trout anywhere. Unless the trout are hidden under the grass, you can see them. The problem with that is that they can also see you.
Read More Here!

Please make sure you are up to date on your Pennsylvania fishing license and know the regulations for this stream. Get your PA license ahead of time by visiting this link.


Big Spring Creek is about 2 hours north of Washington, DC. To get there, take 270 north and catch I70 west right outside Frederick. Follow 70 for about 27 miles until you reach I81 N outside of Hagerstown, MD. Stay on 81 until you reach exit 29 for PA 174 west. Take a left off the exit then a quick right onto Cramer Rd. Follow Cramer for 1.4 miles until it intersects with US 11 or Ritner Hwy. From US 11, take a left on Big Spring Rd after 4.5 miles. Big Spring Road will eventually intersect Springfield Rd and you'll see "The Ditch" parking area on the right hand side. Using GPS, you can find the parking area by typing in 800 Big Spring Rd, Newville, PA.

As with all of our outings, we encourage you to bring your friends and family members. There will be plenty of seasoned fly anglers on hand to happily offer assistance to any newbies.

To sign up please email Lou Reichel.


Lou Reichel


Big Hunting Creek November 18, 2017

Where: Thurmont, MD

Participants: Ken Bowyer, Greg Sholly, Lee Canby, Karan Singh, Motti Tadmor

It was a clear, great fall day. That's what I would like to say. But No. Rain, and then more Rain. Heavy rain started at 9-9:15am and never stopped.

The BHC condition was good. Water levels in good range. There are few fallen trees down in Frank Smoot pool, but not bad. Ken saw some trout and had few hits on Adams and zebra midge dropper. The best PPTU trout fisherman was the new guy, Karan. First time fishing on BHC. He got one and many LDR. He fished near the Visitors center and up stream to the road crossing. Not sure what flies he was fishing. Be be sure to ask him and he can tell all at next meeting. Congratulations to Karan.

We all left by noon. Did not cook any hot dogs or brats.

Will save brats for next outing in January at Big Springs, PA.


Lou Reichel

Outings Coordinator


Outings Photo Album

These first ones are from the November 2008 Erie Steelhead outing

Ken and Bill Goldner

Bill's 30 incher

Bill on a San Juan Worm

Dennis and Ken Monday Morning

The "Pig Pen" at the Trout Run Nursery

George Vincent 20 incher on Olive Woolybugger

Ken With a 17 incher

Joe Robinson

Quitting Time Sunday

Dick Friis


Dennis's 29 incher

Jack Benoit

Dennis with 29 incher

Evening Below Folly's

Bruce Eberle

Nick Weber

Steve Graves


Will recording Ken's fight


Below are some photos from some previous PPTU outings.

Savage River Brookie

Savage River Gold

North Branch 23" Brown

NB 20" Rainbow

Savage River

PPTU Members along NB Potomac 06


Fish Camp Fire

Tim Bowers 20 Incher NB Oct 06

Mike Abramowitz's Big Brown NB Oct 06

Dennis Covert 18" NB Rainbow 06

Tim Bowers 24" NB Brown 06

Fish Camp Fall 06

NB Fall 05 22" Brown

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