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The next Monthly PPTU Meeting is Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 7:00 PM.
Join us for An Evening with Joe Bruce (see Meetings for further details).

The first page of the latest Chapter Publication, "The Conservationist," for November is available by using the Chapter Publication Link.

Trout Unlimited has listed the Savage River in Western Maryland as one of 10 Special Places. PPTU's own Nick Weber is featured in a video interview about the stream and it's role in the local ecology. Click on the link to go to the TU page to read about the stream and see the video.

Maryland DNR Fisheries Service will kick off a voluntary angler diary program this winter in an effort to obtain some state-wide creel data on brook trout. This information will give the Fisheries Service valuable angler data at the state-wide level, and they need your help! If you are interested in participating, please email Matt Sell (matt.sell@maryland.gov) for more information.

Until recently, the U.S. Geological Survey gauging station below Brighton Dam on the Patuxent did not have a river water temperature sensor and the USGS was unable to add one because of funding restrictions. Recognizing the value of such information for this upcoming fishery, members of PPCTU approached the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and asked if we could assist in the provision of this service. The Trout Unlimited Mid-Atlantic Council (MAC) agreed to share the cost of the addition. Please see DNR Letter for the successful result of this effort.

The Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay (Alaska) watershed is still alive and gaining ground. Please visit the following sites for further information:
TU: Pebble Mine Bristol Bay Watershed Southwest Alaska
NRDC: StopPebble
Alaska Conservation Foundation

Check the Library section for DVD's, and yes a few videocassettes, available for rental at the Chapter meetings!

An excellent video of a stream restoration can be seen at Stream Restoration. It shows what can be done to improve a stream without disrupting the surrounding environment. By all means check it out.

The Annual Newsletter for 2014 is posted in the Annual Newsletter section!

The OUTING REPORT for the Western Maryland - Savage River trip is posted in the Outings section!

One on one stream side fly fishing instruction is available to PPTU members.
Go to the Mentor Program page for details.


A facebook account has been created for PPTU. To view it, go to Facebook and login with your facebook account. If you don't have an account, you may create one using the link on that Facebook page.

The 2014 Casting for Recovery 2 Fly 4 Hope Fishing Challenge, Rose River Farm, Syria Virginia October 26, 2014

Team PPTU - Bob O'Donnell and Lou Reichel

A fine catch for Bob!!

Decisions, decisions!!!

The final tally.

Held on Oct 26, 2014 at Rose River Farm in Syria, Va, on the Rose River in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley area. PPTU is a sponsor of the event and sent this year as Team PPTU Lou Reichel and Bob O'Donnell, winners of PPTU One Fly Contest for 2013 and 2014.

Sunday was a beautiful day, the Fall morning was slightly chilly and the afternoon was warm and sunny between 60-65 F. The fall foliage was at full color. The river was just stocked the day before. Also at the event from PPTU were seen Jack and Sylvia Benoit, Mike and Judy Abramowitz, Jim Greene, Carl Smolka, and Pati Nicholson. Pati was also working for the CFR event. There were 11 Teams in the contest.

Of the 4-flies, Bob used a peach/yellow/pinkish sucker spawn, and a Brahma bugger with pink head. Lou used a Frenchie with sparkle hot pink collar and pink San Juan worm. Both used 4 wt, 9 ft rods and 7-10 ft leader with 5x tippet.

The morning session, Team PPTU fished Beat 3. A very nice stretch of river with pools, riffles, a long stretch of deep water following an underwater ridge. The water was clear and could see many good size rainbow trout. Also Bob fought with the team in Beat #2 over who own the upper pool. Team PPTU won the pool. Bob used his Sucker Spawn and Lou used mainly the Frenchie. Both using tight line fishing. Lou found that most trout were mid current and used small, light split shot. A total of 19 trout were bought to net and counted. Probably about 10-12 were lost. Of a total of 3 measured trout for the contest, two were official measured at 15 inches. All caught by Bob. A 16 inch trout was caught by Bob but decided to wait until the afternoon fishing hoping to get a larger size trout.

Bob lost his second fly, Brahma bugger, which fell off his fly patch!! Oh No!! Minus a few points! Lou wisely kept his two flies safe in an official PPTU fly box in his fly vest zipper pocket.

Results of morning score, PPTU had 68 points, in 5th place, and the top team had 110! What more can we do?

Afternoon session, Team PPTU fished Beat 9. It turned out that Jack Benoit fished Beat 9 in the morning and moved to our earlier Beat 3 in afternoon. We found out that Jack in Beat 9 earlier caught around 16 trout but measured a large 18 inch trout. We thought for sure Team PPTU would do great in this new Beat. In Beat 9 the stretch of river was shorter with lower water. Many large trout could be seen. The upper section was low but flowing and the lower end had a slow deepish pool. After many LDR of large size trout, Lou's inability to bring the fish to net looked like a horse reaching for a carrot tied in front of its nose. Bob's only sucker spawn was unraveling, coming apart looking like wet strings of yarn on a hook. Lou did go to 4x tippet but still lost his Frenchie, broken off by a hard fighting trout. Lou's remaining second fly, San Juan worm, bit in half, only staying together with one thread. Lou (he says) caught the wining size trout between 20-24 inches but lost it, while Bob was yelling to Lou that he would net it. Needing a third trout to measure, Bob caught one in the last remaining minutes that only measured 14 inches. About 10 seconds later Bob caught a 16 incher but it did not count as a measured trout. Seconds later the horn sounded and it was over. Finishing the afternoon session with total of 5-7 trout to net, but lost 25-30. Our Stream Judge, in shock, sympathy, but laughing, could not believe what he just witnessed from Team PPTU this afternoon. In the afternoon session, Team PPTU came in 11th. : (

Team PPTU ended with 24-27 trout, 2 trout at 15 inches and 1 trout at 14 inches and total of 102 points, overall in 5th place. Jack Benoit got the largest trout, sharing with another Team, at 18 inches. Last year winners came in 3rd. The winning Team had total 163 points. Was unable to find out what flies were used by the winning Team.

Next year using steelhead rod with 3x tippet.

Beautiful day, good fishing, much fun for a good cause, Casting for Recovery and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Lou Reichel

Don't forget to thank the sponsors!

To learn more about Casting for Recovery, please visit

Find Casting for Recovery Mid-Atlantic on Facebook



We are seeking volunteers for several positions within the chapter.

Outings Coordinator- Currently Dennis Covert

As with any volunteer organization we are only as vibrant as our membership. Yes, there is some work involved, but the rewards of working with a great bunch of people while serving the community where you live by far outweighs the work.

In the past I’ve heard folks say, “I don’t volunteer because I don’t really know how to do any of these things”. Cast your reservations aside, we will help you!

We have roughly 450 members in the Potomac Patuxent Chapter of TU and about 30 of the same very dedicated people year after year put the show on the road. We need more support.

Take a look at the list above. If you have an interest you can contact me at a meeting or at home, or one of the board members, or, one of the current chairs listed by the activity above.

Dennis Covert
Outings, PPTU


We've gone green! We now have an on line Liability Release Form. To sign up for a specific outing, simply complete the form. When you click on the Submit button, the Outings Chair is notified of your intent to attend that outing and you will receive a copy of your completed Liability Release via email. No paperwork is required. You can complete this form from any device that has internet access including smart phones and tablets.

Conservation Activities

PPTU is a conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.  As such, we see it as an obligation, and an honor, to be active in this mission.  If we are to succeed as a TU chapter, we need all of us working together!  We need your suggestions and ideas on what we should be doing, how we cold improve on what we are already doing, and how we can make this organization more meaningful to you.  Let us know what kinds of projects you think PPTU should be sinking its human and financial resources into, and what kinds of projects you would like to get involved in.  How can we be more involved in coldwater conservation activities that would merit your interest and involvement?  Any and all ideas or suggestions are welcome, and very much appreciated!  Your opinions are instrumental in helping to formulate what we are going to do as a chapter.  Please, take a few moments to help the chapter by sending your suggestions via e-mail to mail@pptu.org.

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