Maryland Trout Stocking

Each year in the spring and the fall, the Maryland DNR stocks rainbows and brown trout in many streams and ponds through out the state. Our chapter assists with the stocking of the Upper Patuxent, the fly fishing only section below Brighton Dam, and the delay harvest section of the Middle Patuxent. If you are interested in assisting with these activities, please contact Jay Sheppard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2022 Fall Stocking

October 12, 2022

Wednesday, October 12th, several PPTU Volunteers float stocked the Middle Patuxent Delayed Harvest section with about 400 brown trout.. The reports from the crew were all that these trout were of an impressive size on average. Many 14-16" fish!!!

So get down there!! Accesses are Kindler (froim south) or Eden Brook (from north side of river) old road beds, New Grace Mews and path to left, and Sweet Hour path to left to the second footbridge. One can also come down from Old Columbia Pike at the river. Fish are only going to be in the deeper holes.

Thanks to our crew members: Jim Irons, Ron Kerrick, Andy Grosko, Bob Bokulic, and Ed Waleryszak. Alan Burrows provided the float boxes.


2022 Spring STOCKINGS

April 25, 2022

One last stocking of the Delayed Harvest section on the Middle Patuxent in south Columbia was made on April 25. This stream is getting less and less suitable for trout. The bigger pools have largely filled in with sand, leaving little room for trout. Regrettably, we may need to review the stocking of this fishery with DNR as to its future.

March 9, 2022

PPTU members and friends helped stock 1800 rainbows today in our three local waters: upper Patuxent River, Brighton Dam tailwater on Patuxent River, and the Middle Patuxent River in south Columbia. Many of these trout were respectable12-16". Nice fish!

The fish were directly released at the rt 94/Annapolis Rock, Hipsley Mill, and Howard Chapel bridges on the upper Patuxent--no float stocking away from bridges. So these spots would be great for taking youngsters and other neophytes to fly fishing. This portion of the river is all catch and release, flies and lures only.

The flies-only section of the river below Brighton Dam starts a hundred yards below the pipeline crossing of the river which is about 400 yd below the dam itself. This regulation goes down to Mink Hollow bridge. There is a private property owner below the mouth of the Hawlings that has posted his land, so avoid that section. There is currently limited public parking at Haviland Mill below the dam. The county park parking lot has construction ongoing...and the landowner across from that lot has posted his property to no parking there either. He does not mind fishers crossing the 50-75 yards of his land to get to the river trail going upstream, but NO CARS.

So...the only parking available to the public are two tiny spots. One is a short ramp near the Hawlings bridge on the car only. The other is just next to the Haviland Mill bridge over the Patuxent on the Montgomery Co end of the bridge. Three cars can easily fit in there but one will be boxed in by another. This is state park land. The owner of the large open field south and west of this lot allows fishers to walk across his problem, but NO PARKING in the field itself.

Another 450 rainbows were float-stocked from Eden Brook downstream for about a mile by another of our intrepid crews. This is a delayed harvest regulation stream (no kill, flies and lures only until June 1 when 2/day and bait rules apply). If you remember, 400 nice brown trout were stocked in this same section just last Friday.

The trout in both the tailwater and in the delayed harvest section of the Middle Pax will likely be gone by the end of May or so.

One final warning: The dam operators cut the flow to 12 cfs for our stocking today and will go back to ~100 cfs tomorrow AM. So if the river looks slow and shallow in many places, avoid being in the middle of the river after 8 AM Thursday!!


March 4, 2022

Today PPTU members and friends stocked the upper Patuxent River above the reservoirs and the delayed harvest section of the Middle Patuxent in south Columbia. The trout were all browns and many were super sized....NOT the typical 9-11" stockies we usually see!! A few might have gone 18" or better!! Many many in the 13-15" range.

On the upper Pax we stocked between rt 94/Annapolis Rock down to Howard Chapel & lower Cabin Br. On the Middle Pax suggest accessing the stream at Kindler/Eden Brook, New Grace Mews or Sweet Hour. The first -- go downstream only!!

Appreciate the 17 volunteers who helped stock these trout.

Next Wednesday both these streams will be again stocked with rainbows. In addition, the Brighton tailwater on the main Patuxent will also be stocked. If you have not previously told me of your availability to help on Wed, let me know by Saturday evening.



For up-to-date stocking information throughout the state, go to the Maryland DNR website.

Photos from 2021 Stockings (courtesy of Adam Rice)

Photos from 2019 Stockings

Photos from 2018 Spring Stockings

A Video and Photos from Previous Years

In the spring of 2015, Ron Brooks made this excellent video of PPCTU Stocking Below Brighton Dam.

Thanks Ron for your efforts!

Joe Kunsman provided the following photos and footnotes of their crew stocking below Brighton Dam. Thanks Joe.

First the good news - at least six deadfall are gone!

Open flow, piece of cake

Now the bad news - the mother of all dead falls is still there. Looks like the climax scene from Les Mis!

Our leadership makes the assault

Leadership overcomes, ready to plant the French flag and declare victory

Yea, the last storm was a big one