General Chapter Meeting Information

A featured part of almost every month's membership meeting is the guest speaker program.  The Board of Directors spends a lot of time planning and arranging for the featured speakers. We begin by designing a general theme for each month's program and then follow up by identifying and booking potential speakers.


2018 - 2019 Schedule


Meeting Date
  In the footsteps of Joe Brook: A Fly Fishing Perspective   Jerry Kustich   February 20, 2019
  Annual Fly Tying Demonstrations   PPCTU Members   January 16, 2019
  The Latest News on the Gunpowder   Gene Howson   November 28, 2018
  Winter Fishing on Beaver Creek   James Harris   October 17, 2018
  What I Did on My Summer Vacation   PPTU Members   September 26, 2018
  Casting Clinic & Fly Fishing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem   Dusty Wissmath   May 16, 2018 Casting Clinic at 6:30
  Annual Fly Tying Demonstrations   PPCTU Members   April 18, 2018
  Annual Fly Tying Demonstrations   PPCTU Members   Reschedules to April
  Flea Market   PPCTU Members   February 21, 2018
  Annual Fly Tying Demonstrations   PPCTU Members   Reschedules to March

Time: 7:00 PM, Third Wednesday except December, June, July and August

Place: Margaret Schweinhaut Senior Center, 1000 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, Maryland

Directions: From Capitol Beltway -- North on Georgia Avenue (Rte. 97). First right onto Forest Glen Road. Pass Holy Cross Hospital and go across Sligo Creek Parkway. The Center is on the right, approximately one quarter mile.

Fly Tying Materials For Sale

Make a list of what you need and buy premium fly tying material at half price or less at the meeting. Here's a list of what will be there. All kinds of colors for fresh and saltwater.
Chenille - $1.00 each
Dubbing - $1.00 each
Thread Racks - $4.00 and $8.00
Egg Yarn, Pom Poms - $1.00 each
Various Wing Material - $1.00 each
Krystal Flash - $2.00 each
Icelandic Sheep - $2.00 Each
Cashmere Goat - $2.00 each
Tibetan Lamb - $2.00 each
Fake Fur - $1.00 each
Various Foam - $1.00 each
Rubber Legs - $1.00 each
Flashabou - $2.00 each
Various Fibers - $2.00 each
Yarn - $1.00 each
Squirrel Tail - $3.00 each
Calf Tail - $3.00 each
Rabbit Feet - $3.00 each
Thread - $1.00 each
CDC - $1.00 and $2.00 each
Deer & Elk Hair - $2.00 each
Yearling Elk - $3.00 each
Various Feathers - $1.00 - $4.00
Wire, Tinsel, Mylar - $.50 each
Partridge Skin - $20
Starling Skin - $2.00 each
Scud Back, Micro Fibbets, Ribbing - $1.00 each
Maribou - $2.00 each
Z-lon - $2.00 each

In the Footsteps of Joe Brooks: A Fly Fishing Perspective

a slideshow presented by Jerry Kustich

In the mid-70s a book by legendary Joe Brooks inspired a life-long fly-fishing journey that started in Idaho. Along the way, Jerry Kustich learned many lessons about rivers, the environment, bamboo rods, and life itself. From steelheading the West Coast and the Great Lakes, trout fishing Montana, striper fishing the East, or many other stops in between, the program details in slides a wonderful journey well worth sharing.

About Jerry:
After working 22 years for R.L. Winston Rods, Jerry Kustich left the company in 2006 to start Sweetgrass Rods ( with his longtime friend, mentor, and bamboo rod master Glenn Brackett. Jerry is a craftsman, writer, conservationist, and a dedicated angler. He has authored four books of fly fishing stories. His latest is entitled Holy Water. He also co-authored Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead with his brother Rick, which has become a classic. His articles have appeared in several publications, and throughout his semi-retirement years he plans on continuing to live the fly-fishing way of life.

See you there!

Karan Singh