Maryland Trout Stocking

Each year in the spring and the fall, the Maryland DNR stocks rainbows and brown trout in many streams and ponds through out the state. Our chapter assists with the stocking of the Upper Patuxent, the fly fishing only section below Brighton Dam, and the delay harvest section of the Middle Patuxent. If you are interested in assisting with these activities, please contact Jay Sheppard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


October 16, 2020

Approx. 400 brown trout were float stocked in the Middle Patuxent Delayed Harvest section. Lures and flies only, no kill until next June 1--NO BAIT. Best fishing will be the mile or so downstream from Eden Brook--Kindler Road area. Other access points are at New Grace Mews and Sweet Hour. Best to review Google Earth/Maps or the Gelso-Coburn guide to MD trout streams for maps, etc.

Potential for poachers is high in this large residential more legitimate fly/lure fishers will help suppress these characters. Do not forget the DNR poacher hotline 24/7 number: 800-825-7275. And keep your cell phone with you in a ziplock!!!

The browns were 10-15" in good looking shape! They will be dazed with finding no pellets and strange surroundings. With the cold front coming over us tonight, might also put a hindrance on getting their attention. Whatever lure/fly you try--DEAD drift or hanging steady in front of them are best tactics for such freshly stocked trout. They have never had to CHASE their food in the hatchery!! They are very shy about attacking any moving object relative to the current.

Flows are low, but should improve over the next month or two. We need to thank our volunteers who pulled the boxes downstream today: Lee Canby, Bryan Sirotkin, Chris Imhoff, and Mike Bovich. Alan Burrows supplied the boxes to this crew.

Go fishing!



For up-to-date stocking information throughout the state, go to the Maryland DNR website.

Photos from 2019 Stockings

Photos from 2018 Spring Stockings

A Video and Photos from Previous Years

In the spring of 2015, Ron Brooks made this excellent video of PPCTU Stocking Below Brighton Dam.

Thanks Ron for your efforts!

Joe Kunsman provided the following photos and footnotes of their crew stocking below Brighton Dam. Thanks Joe.

First the good news - at least six deadfall are gone!

Open flow, piece of cake

Now the bad news - the mother of all dead falls is still there. Looks like the climax scene from Les Mis!

Our leadership makes the assault

Leadership overcomes, ready to plant the French flag and declare victory

Yea, the last storm was a big one