April 14, 2008 Outing Report.
Deer Creek Shad Fishing Report

Anybody heading out for shad may want to check a current posting. Today was the shad outing and although I was getting reports they were being caught in good numbers as late as as last evening we caught very little this morning. Carl Smolka said he had hooked five landing three fishing a deep pool with Clousers, Steve Graves hooked three landing one and I had one briefly hooked on pink shad darts. One guy we ran into had caught a few more but just a few. Most of the locals had left by 7:30 am and we didn't see Wayne. The water didn't seem that cold but I guess the nighttime temps of 37 brought the bite to a near stop.

Steve and I headed for the Patuxent below Hipsley Mill after lunch. We spent all afternoon looking for trout and seeing a few good ones mostly around brushy runs. We fished boogers and nymphs and even had one large brown charge my booger three times but ended up only catching some suckers. There were a very few small flies about, maybe a medium brown fly in about #20 or #22 not sure, and not many of them.

Dennis Covert