August 2020 Yellow Breeches White Fly Outing

Outing report: White fly Outing
Where: Yellow Breeches, Boiling Springs, PA
When: August 19, 2020

Participates: Ken Bowyer, Ron Briggs, Randy Dwyer, Bob O’Donnell, Dave Pratt, Joe Taylor, Lou Reichel, Craig Vander Kohl

The day was moderately warm and not humid, overall the weather was good. Water temperature was at 70 F, the flow was on the low side and clear water.

We all got onto the stream by 5:00 pm, a little early but I wanted to make sure we got a spot on an anticipated crowded stream. We fished mostly just below The Allenberry. Some people went further downstream closer to the end of the C&R section following a guide with his customers. Before the hatch, I noticed that Craig, Bob and Ken caught a few brown trout on soft hackles and nymphs. Ken caught the smallest fish at 2-3 inches using the #10 hex soft hackle. Randy was a little more upstream just across from the Allenberry. Dennis Covert went upstream above “the damn”. Before Dennis went upstream he was generous and pasted out his famous hex soft hackle to many of us.

As 7:00 pm approached, I noticed more fishermen entering the stream, but I would say it was not too crowded. At 7:10 pm, the #10-12 size hex flies started flying high above the stream. Then slowly they came down to water level flying into me. I told everyone to use the hex soft hackle. Shortly I started to see some trout activity. At 7:54, I saw a #14 size single white fly going upstream. I quickly changed to my white fly dun. Starting to see trout rising and taking something, but not my fly, but I didn’t see any white flies floating on the surface. Ken put on a #12 white fly from TCO and got 2 brown trout at 12 inches each. Then by 8:10 pm it was getting dark and lots of trout rising to a strong white fly hatch, making splashes all around me, some near my legs. However they were not taking my fly. I saw Bob catch another 2 trout, Ken was getting swipes on his dun fly. I decided to put on my spinner. It was getting darker so I needed my light on and I was getting hit in the face with lots of white flies. Lots of white flies flying just above the water surface and could see lots floating on the water. Ken said he was still getting swipes on his dun. Finally it got very dark with still very active trout. I was only casting my spinner a few feet in front of me into darkness. Wham, got a hit, it had to be due to my delicate presentation, and bought in a nice 12-13 inch brown trout (I'm sure it was 1 inch larger than Ken's) with beautiful golden coloring and dark spots. At 8:55 pm the trout activity was getting slow, but still saw many white flies on the water, and we all quit for the evening. I made sure I counted everybody so I don't leave a fisherman behind.

Overall it was a good and strong hex hatch and white fly hatch. A much better white fly hatch than last year. I think most caught a fish. Ron who was further downstream caught more before the hatch using his newly tied white fly soft hackle patterned by Bob Dietz. It’s always nice to catch fish on your tied fly. Dennis reported that the hatch was small upstream above the damn. So some sections of a stream can have different hatch volume.

While at the cars and taking care of our equipment I noticed a bright Big Dipper constellation in the clear and cool night sky and saw a shooting star. I hope all experienced a good white fly hatch.

I hope the pictures come thru. Someday I'll get better taking pictures and downloading.

Lou Reichel
PPTU Outings Coordinator