February 17, 2018 Outing Report

Where: Yellow Breeches Boiling Springs, PA

Participants: Ken Bowyer, Dennis Covert, Bob O'Donnell, John Jordan, Lou Reichel, Jonathan Simak

The morning was sunny, clear skies and temperature cool but mild. The Yellow Breeches creek was running high and fast, about 1100 cfm in the morning. But the spring water in the Run was clear and just right. From the foot bridge one could see many large and colorful rainbow trout. At the upper spillway, two large golden trout swayed in the current with some other large trout showing themselves.

We had some new people, John and Jonathan. It was good meeting them and hope they return.

Jonathan's brown trout


Our youngest member, Jonathan, age 15, started off strong and showed off his skills with hooking into a large rainbow in the spillway. It broke the line which only made Jonathan more determined to get another. All in all Jonathan did well catching a rainbow, a brown trout plus a golden trout. Therefore Jonathan receives the prize of Best Fishing Person. Jonathan mentioned he attended the youth fly fishing school that is given on the Yellow Breeches. I noticed Jonathan would knell along the bank and cast showing a low profile to the shy trout. For me it would require much time getting back up with moderate to strong groaning, only because my vest is too heavy with too many doodads.

Bob and Dennis also did well catching some trout up and down the Run. I was trying to catch the trout under the foot bridge for some time and Bob did his normal trick by standing next to me, cast, and hook a trout. I must thank Bob for generously tying on my fly since he had his magnifiers on.

By noonish the skies got cloudy, a little colder, and we started to leave between 1:00 to 2:00pm due the reports of snow.

Report on Yellow Breeches per TCO Fly Shop in Boiling Springs

The public are able to fish the section at The Allenberry. The Allenberry is discouraging fisherpersons at parking at the Allenberry, at the upper parking area and especially down in the field near the creek as some use to do. The "Parking for Fishing" sign on the upper parking area has been removed. Please respect their property so they don't restrict fishing. One has to park in Boiling Springs and walk downstream. The Allenberry is still planning on a parking area across the creek (south side). As per TCO the Allenberry is becoming recognized by Orvis so they do plan on keeping the area open to fishing.

Also, major stream renovations are happening now on the Yellow Breeches from the lower C&R section at the Allenberry all the way up to Boiling Springs. It will be done in sections starting at the Allenberry. So the Allenberry section at the moment is closed to fishing for the renovation. Don't know how long the renovation will take at the Allenberry section, but the entire stream renovation will take about a year. So as the renovation moves upstream, some sections will be closed for stream renovation work.

Until the next Outing. Tight lines and tie at least a dozen flies.

Lou Reichel
Outings Coordinator