February 2019 Big Hunting Creek

Where:  Big Hunting Creek, Thurmont, MD

When:  February 9, 2019,

Participants:  Bryan Sirotkin, Ken Bowyer, Peter Banwell, Randy Dwyer, Joe Taylor, Lou Reichel

The day was sunny and clear with blue skies, but cold.  It did reach 38 deg as determined by Joe’s thermometer, and that may have been in his pocket for a while.  The BHC had a good flow of water and clear.  There were other fisherman on BHC, a Park Ranger was checking licences, and lots of hikers.

Unfortunately, I did not see any winter stoneflies.  Some PPTU’ers did report a few stoneflies.  Checking under stones in the creek we did see lots of mayfly nymphs and maybe a stonefly nymph.  The mayfly nymphs ranged from small to large.  Couldn’t see the number of tails but some tails were at least 4x length of the body.

No reports of caught trout.  Joe did have a hit and saw a trout follow his fly.  I and Peter at least saw a trout in the water.  Ken and Randy went missing and found out they went to Little Hunting Creek and saw some stoneflies.  I think they toured the Fredrick Co countryside and did some antiquing.

Well, it was nice to be on BHC and in the Catoctin Park.

Lou Reichel

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