PPTU One Fly Contest

Where - Gunpowder Falls, Md

When - June 11, 2022, Saturday @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.

2022 One-Fly Contest Winner: Scott Cernick,
1st Place Winner has bragging rights for 1 Year and their name posted on the Honor Roll of Winners!

Scott had a total of 17 inches, 2 brown trout, at 10” plus 7”, using a #16 SOB Czech nymph and using the euro nymphing style of fly fishing. Scott is a fairly new member for about 6-9 months. Was Mentored by Bob O’Donnell which shows the quality of the PPTU Mentor program. Please feel free to ask Scott all about his winning fish stories.

Other Participants (in no particular order):
Bob O’Donnell – hares ear #18
Jim Irons – walt’s worm
Randy Dwyer – micro green weeny
Joe Taylor – partridge and orange
Lou Reichel – green Don Juan worm

The weather was pleasant, cloudy, with few light springles. The water was cold and clear.

Lou started off bad losing his first fly in the parking lot. Since it was lost in Parking lot, before written in official record book and before entering the river, he was able to replace the fly as ruled by the Judge, Lou. Most fished the Bunker Hill section, some going upstream and some downstream. The Winner Scott went upstream. The fishing was tough. Nobody caught any trout except for the Winner. Heard few stories of a few hits. I did see many caddis flying and some landing on the water with no takes. Also saw few lime sallies. I saw only one rising fish.

I thank all who participated.
See you next year.

Lou Reichel
2013 PPTU One Fly Contest Winner
Outings Coordinator
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