March 6, 2016 Outing Report
Patuxent River

It was a pretty nice day. My grandson Jake and I arrived at the pull off across from the goat pasture off Jennings Chappel road about 9am air temp about 40 degrees. It's a bit of a walk down to the river from there but it's worth it I think. We saw a red fox on the way in, and crossing the swampy pasture the wet holes had lots of frog spawn. The water looked good, clear with some pretty deep holes. Most of the fish we found were chubs, but we found a deep run that had some trout hanging with them. I caught a chub, then a very nice rainbow of maybe 15 inches, then another chub. Jake caught a 12 inch brown and lost another fish that could have been a chub or a trout don't know.

Mostly we fished San Juans but the last chub was on a Pax Special. I think Jay should rename the fly the Sticker bush special because that's what ya find down there. The stickers are everywhere, and I swear the tenderils reach out and grab me as I try to wind my way though. I got into some thorns and my hands are all pricked up.

Joe Robinson reported fishing Cabin Branch where he landed 2 browns and 3 rainbows. Of the many flies he tried, the winners were the Patuxent Special, wooly bugger, sexy Walt, and a green weenie type nymph.

Ray Miller reported catching two Browns above Hipsley Mill about half way to Annapolis Rock. The fly of choice was a green wooly bugger.

Dennis Covert