November 2018 Big Spring October Caddis Hatch

Where:  Big Spring Creek, PA

When:  November, 10, 2018,  9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Participants:  Ken Bowyer, Jeff Colaianni, Lou Reichel, Motti Tadmor, Joe Taylor

We were way too late for the October caddis. Next time need to go on the weekend after Halloween. The day was sunny, the temperature brisk and slightly windy. Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees.  Even though there was a least 3 days of rain, the Big Spring was flowing good, just slightly higher than I’ve seen it.

We fished the Ditch, the second and third parking areas. Only saw two fish when I scared them. As seen from some pictures, there were a lot of green-olive cress bugs. From a hand full of weeds one could find dozens of cress bugs.  Some were fairly large, #12-16. As Joe was crabbing some weeds, there was a lot of commotion from a trout catching some easy bugs. 

Some of us fished the third parking area which is a new section for me.  Lots of grass that matted the water, like walking on a spongy matt.  Joe decided to dive into the grass to find more cress bugs or trout.  As he returned to the surface it was like The Creature From The Black Lagoon.  Young people may not know that B-class horror movie.  I had a picture of him but decided not to scare anyone.

Fishing was tough, but we were not skunked. I got some hits on an egg pattern. Most of use tried our new soft hackle flies tied from Bob Dietz fly tying class. Finally, Motti got a nice rainbow on an egg pattern.

We had a great lunch of grilled brats and homemade cookies.

Buy 3:00pm it started to get cooler and we left for home.

Thanks to all.

Next outing will be in January 2019. Not definite but most likely Beaver Creek in Md.

Outings Coordinator

Lou Reichel

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