September 2020 One Fly Contest

Outing Report - PPTU One Fly Contest
Where - Gunpowder Falls, Md.
When - September 19, 2020.

Participants: Ken Bowyer, Randy Dwyer, Bob Kaiser, Ron Kerrick, Keith Levinthal, Bob O’Donnell, George Opryszko, Roman Petruniak, Lou Reichel,

1st Place Winner :

Roman Petruniak. 1 brown trout at 8 inches. Squirmy worm, red, bead head (bh), w flash in middle, trutta hook. Euronymphing setup.

Roman has bragging rights for 1 Year and his name posted on the Roll of Winners!

The day started cool in the 40’s with highs in the 60’s. A nice Fall weather day with blue skies.
Gunpowder flow was low at 30 cfs.

I am glad to see 3 new members showing up for the 1-Fly Contest. Two of the new members returned with a catch. Fishing was tough. Trout were seen but were not active. Most of the sections of the Gunpowder were fished except below Bluemount and upper Falls Rd.

Honorable mention:
Bob O’Donnell – 2 trout, total 6 inches, purple bh RS2, #18
Ron Kerrick, 1 trout 4 inches, bh brown w/gold wire nymph, #16

Thanks to All of the participants.

Next Outing- Western Maryland Campout, Savage River, Oct 9 – 12.

Lou Reichel
2013 PPTU One Fly Contest Winner
Outings Coordinator
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