September 2005 Outing Report.

On Saturday September 24th PPTU members Cathy Nutter, Lance Flood, and Larry Glatt joined me at the Massemore parking lot for the chapter’s first fall outing. The weather was pleasantly mild with temperature in the low 70’s and grey skies. However the 320cfs flows did catch me off guard. The flows made wading difficult - it’s a little stiff when you can feel the gravel slipping when you lift your boot. However, being the optimists fly fishers surely are, we sallied forth with good expectations.

Tan Caddis could be seen popping off the surface with fish in hot pursuit, but no takers on our various offerings. By mid morning trout were rising to blue wing olive spinners in slow water that gathered behind logs or other stream debris, but getting a good drift in that current proved to be quite difficult. We spent the morning fishing up and down in close proximity of the parking lot all of us going fishless. After a mid-morning break for drinks and a snack, we dispersed along the river. Though conditions were difficult we did manage to take a few fish. Cathy Nutter reported taking a brown upstream from the bridge on a Copper John fished as a dropper behind an ant. After seeing an inchworm suspended over the river from an overhanging limb, I switched to a #10 inchworm pattern and took a couple of browns before calling it a day

Dennis Covert