September 2006 Outing Report.
Joint PPTU-MDTU Gunpowder Cleanup and Outing

Ignoring the threat of rain and a high water release our two chapters converged on the Gunpowder River for our first joint stream clean up and fishing outing. Bill Wolf of the Maryland chapter took the lead in coordinating this outing and did a great job. The plan was to split up into several small groups on different sections along the river and pick up trash, meet back at Bunker Hill for a picnic lunch, then fish.

The good news is it didn’t rain; the better news is that the River was already in pretty good shape as far as trash is concerned. Our group diligently combed the bank between Massemore and Falls Road, our efforts combined barely filled one bag, and from the talk around the picnic table during lunch that seemed to be the norm. Except for Nick Weber and Bob Dietz, who had the section that included the 83 over pass. These two gentlemen found and removed some bridge railing, part of a drive shaft, and some inner tubing. Kudos to Bob and Nick!

Meanwhile, Bill set up an awning over a picnic table next to the river near camp Wood and as the TU’ers straggled in from the clean up Bill fired up the grill. Relaxing with a cold drink we whiled away a good hour or more eating burgers and dogs, munching on cookies and chips, talking about what flies might work and pointing out the caddis and midges we spied fluttering over the water.

From the reports, the fishing was better than expected in spite of the increased flows. Fishing only a couple of hours several of our members reported doing quite well. Jed Feffer scored with a cricket and Adams midge, hooking 7 browns, landing 5. William Amland also hooked 7 fish netting 4 on a flying ant and sulpher emerger. Ken Bowyer got one on a bead head brassie, and Nick Weber fooled one on a partridge and orange. Bob Dietz hooked 14 fish landing 3; Bob said he had a very frustrating day; I’d like to have some just like it!

Chapter members in attendance were; Ken Bowyer, Jed & Joan Feffer, Nick Weber, Bob Dietz, Jewel Barlow, Michael Golob, Ray Miller, Brad Bickford, Will Amland, myself and wife Sheila. Thank you all for coming out and making this a big success!

PPTU would like to thank the Maryland chapter for supplying all the food and drink, and extend a special thanks to Bill Wolf who coordinated the entire effort, set up the lunch site, and did all the cooking.

Dennis Covert